So it begins…

It would appear that Britain is going to have a referendum to decide whether the people wish to continue to assent to EU membership. Here are three positive benefits that a post-exit Britain is set to enjoy.

1. National sovereignty

The primary reason for leaving the EU is the detrimental impact that this institution has upon our powers of independent self-government. Many, many more issues than most people understand have “an EU dimension” and the incurious national media all too frequently allow British politicians to bamboozle the public regarding what is “imposed” by Brussels and what is merely expedient for the political class. Restoring sovereign democracy and national self-representation to these isles will re-engage the public and force politicians to discuss the “hard choices” that are an essential aspect of independent self-government.

2. Trade

The EU currently represents Britain at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), along with various other global standards-setting bodies, where important international agreements are made. This not only means that Britain has to accept the compromise position of the EU28, while sovereign nations like Norway and Iceland enjoy full self-representation in these fora, we are also legally barred from agreeing trade deals that would suit our interests but not necessarily those of other EU Member States.

3. Access to global ‘top tables’

International trade regulation is increasingly handled by intergovernmental panels, from which Britain is excluded by its EU membership. Our influence in the world will increase substantially when we leave the EU. There is much more to be said about this and it takes quite a bit of explanation to describe all the details but, surprising as it may sound, this is actually the case.

This list is far from exhaustive. Indeed, it is a mere taster of what is to come—a marker in the sand and a Declaration of Principles. Further benefits will be outlined in later posts, along with additional commentary, analysis and opinion.

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