Time for UKIP to exit stage left

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), whatever good it may have done in the past, is a liability for the anti-EU side in the referendum debate. Nigel Farage’s decision to stand down, having failed to gain a Westminister seat, was already smelling a little odd when he threw in the rider that he would consider putting his name forward for the party leadership once again. But the decision of the party to reject his resignation and for Farage to decide to continue as leader after just three days out of the limelight is farcical.

This bespeaks an egoist who has abandoned reason. Even from his selfish point of view this is a bad move. Farage would have been better served becoming an “elder statesman” for his party. The kind of guy who gets invited onto Question Time and has occasional chats with Andrew Neil, but who is not involved in the everyday running of his party. Instead, Farage and the cultists who insisted that he remain in charge, has turned himself and his party into a joke.

The pro-independence campaign should have no time for this shallow, selfish man and his silly party. Ukipists should have listened to the sage advice of their only MP: “Ukip must not make the mistake made by the SNP in their recent referendum. We should not equate support for leaving the EU with support for our own party. Do that, and the European Commission in Brussels would be delighted”.

The fight for the political autonomy of our island nation is far bigger than trifles involving UKIP and Nigel Farage. I hope that this is the first and the last time that they even warrant mention on this blog. The need to convince a majority of the electorate that EU exit is in their country’s best interests means that we have many more important things to do.

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