A Sinking Ship


Only the other day I was musing on the inglorious record of (among others) “eurosceptic” Tory MEP, Dan Hannan—a man who has made a career out of whinging about the EU without ever putting forward a single serious proposal for how Britain should decouple from the governing structures of this supranational treaty body. Well, apparently Hannan himself has tired of being garlanded by legacy media toadies and sycophants as ‘the voice of British euroscepticism’ and has instead decided to torch the last few shreds of his tarnished credibility with an hilariously misguided article for Conservative Home in which he asserts:

“Nothing would make me happier than for the PM to come back from Brussels with a deal that we could support.”

There is no rowing back from that, Mr Hannan, regardless of how hard you paddle, your high-water mark was and shall remain the extended rhetorical essay in nautical metaphor that shot across Gordon Brown’s wearied bow:


One thought on “A Sinking Ship

  1. He speaks generally, with a great appearance of conviction. But sometimes I do wonder if he knows where the end point is – it’s all a journey with no destination.

    I wish he were more open to ideas, he’s a talented orator. But I agree that he’s weak on the substance.


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