An Open Debate?


I stopped “following” Daniel Hannan on Twitter about a month ago, so I did not notice until earlier today, when Mr Brexit noted the same, that I have been “blocked”.

I presume that this has something to do with some critical comments about Mr Hannan and “eurosceptics” in general, which indicates one of two things—either Daniel Hannan reads my blog or someone on his staff brought my blog to his attention. Either way, this is all to the good. The “eurosceptic” Royalty who support David Cameron’s bid for Britain to remain within a “reformed EU” merit at least as much scrutiny as the sad figures among “the remains” who still cling desperately to the idea that Britain may one day join the euro currency.

I am not entirely clear on what “blocking” means on Twitter. I cannot follow Mr Hannan or view his profile… unless I first log out. Does this also mean that Mr Hannan will not now be able to see my timeline?

Regardless, those of us who feel comfortable living in the 21st century and who look forward to an innovative, enterprising future for the United Kingdom—outside the smothering embrace of the European Union—welcome free co-operation with our European neighbours as well as other countries and people around the world.

Do not despair, Mr Hannan, I shall not return the favour. You are more than welcome to continue reading this blog.

3 thoughts on “An Open Debate?

  1. The likes of Hannan should at least TRY to engage……. if it then becomes impossible (a la UKIP… you are a bigot nonsense, THEN block the neathertals.) But at least have a conversation first…… or try to.
    Otherwise you look frit…….


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