Following The Script


Now that one of the legacy flock (baa!) has wandered from the herd and noted what wiser heads observed some months ago—namely, that there are no EU negotiations—the braying of The Sunday Telegraph looks particularly absurd. Those who still expect informed commentary from these sources should regard this as a learning opportunity: the role of the legacy media is not to inform, educate and entertain—as per the famous formulation of Lord Reith—but to support the legacy institutions that for the past 40 years have perpetrated The Great Deception.

That such organs of supine conformity and compliance should now be complicit in The Cameron Deception will surprise no one who has a mind to think.

The following sentence tells you all that you need to know about the worth of this report:

However, reports casting doubt on the progress of his negotiations, and recent polls showing the “Out” campaign gaining momentum, appear to have forced Mr Cameron to take a tougher line.

First of all, there is no reason to pay even the slightest bit of attention to anybody who still refers to the campaign to leave the EU as the “Out” campaign. The recommendation of the Electoral Commission that the form of the question be changed to “leave/remain”, for the sake of “clarity”, happened months ago. The idea that the campaign is “gaining momentum” since the entry of the journo’s favoured candidate to lead the “leave” campaign—‘Vote Leave, Get Control’—is equally fanciful. Most importantly, the phrase “casting doubt on the progress of [Cameron’s] negotiations” really is a very bad joke. There are no negotiations!

None of this matters to The Telegraph Group, however. The unreality of its reporters is of a piece with the favoured “narrative” being pushed by No. 10. Supposed strategist, George Osborne, would like to cast David Cameron in the role of Beowulf confronting Grendel’s Mother or Perseus cutting off the head of the Gorgon, Medusa. The fact that Cameron is more akin to Pinocchio performing “I’ve Got No Strings” lest Junker chop him into firewood is apparent to those who take their cues from reality, but, such is the “prestige” of the legacy media, there is still a great deal of work to be done to communicate this message to sufficient numbers of perceptive people.

The effectiveness of the Cameron/Osborne ploy depends to a very large degree upon the lack of insight and the absense of inquisitiveness among the legacy hacks. As per Aneurin Bevan’s assessment of the need for a British press censor: “You don’t need to muzzle sheep”. The Cameron Deception may be transparent to those in the know, but the extent of the uphill struggle that we face is partially illustrated in the graphic above.

In accordance with the legacy media “framing”—absent the “there are no negotiations” option—the most appropriate answer is actually the top one—Cameron will “make history”—currently polling three percent. The fact that recent theatricals have those who follow the legacy narrative believing that Cameron will return with “nothing” is an important part of the script. The Monster and the Thrilling Escape From Death demands that the hero must first fail in order that his final victory may be that much more glorious. I expect the standard issue line that “the negotiations are going badly” to be repeated ad nauseum so I will say again, there are no negotiations.

What there is instead is a new treaty that will offer Britain “associate status” or “a market-only relationship” or “looser membership”—there are any number of ways in which what is a very old idea could be dressed up and made to appear funky and new—that will relegate Britain to second-class country status within a two-tier EU in which the eurozone dominates and Britain is still excluded from the world governing bodies that are part of the governing structures of all modern independent nation-states.

The better option, the one that for all of the press attention, nobody in the bubble is yet taking seriously, is to leave the EU and reassert our heartfelt commitment to national independence, democratic governance and intergovernmental co-operation as the proper means for organising our own affairs. In so doing, Britain will reacquire full self-representation at the global level—above the sub-regional EU—and real influence in the forums that matter. Parliamentary oversight and a national veto will mean that politicians have to account to the electorate and take responsibility for the laws that are made in this country.

The europhiles offer national stagnation and international irrelevance while the Brexiteers propose that Britain take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to correct an historic error by embracing real global influence and the power to determine our own political destiny. Those are the options. Are we really going to allow a bunch of Tory charlatans and their tame media to pull the wool over our eyes?

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