The Story So Far…

Following the EU referendum debate is often far from straightforward, especially when Britain’s inadequate legacy media is committed to false narratives that add to the confusion rather than increasing clarity.

Here is a quick recap of what I think is going on, with due deference to the exemplary research and peerless domain knowledge of Dr Richard North on and Pete North on Pete North’s Politics Blog, whose work provides a great deal of the background for the following posts.

When pro-EU commentators such as Andrew Lilico are in the business of lowering expectations one has to wonder why Brexiteers think it is a good idea to do likewise.

  • Lowering expectations will only make David Cameron’s final victory appear all the more triumphant – Overcoming The Monster
  • Especially when he over-delivers and presents referendum voters with a “new relationship” intended to keep Britain in a “reformed EU” – A New Relationship
  • Contrary to what the legacy media is now saying (they will change their tune without so much as a blush), the “reforms” will be genuine – The British Model
  • The reason that this can be asserted with such confidence is that Cameron’s entire “rengotiation” “play” is about passing off pre-existing EU plans for a more “flexible” form of European Union as a British idea and specifically as his ideaCameron In Context
  • Cameron is such an extreme Remainer that he is willing to accept a deal that even Edward Heath rejected, if that is what it takes to keep Britain in the EU and win the referendum for the “remains” – Counter Narrative
  • Fortunately, the Brexiteers have a better alternative that is both achievable and safe, provided that we can maintain our discipline and agree on a target.

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