Unreal Reporting

Based upon the hit rate for my last couple of posts—noting the inadequacy of Britain’s legacy media—if I wanted to be popular I would find a different topic to blog about. But because I think that this is important I shall persist.

The latest piece of unreality is a scarcely comprehensible article by Zoe Williams in The Guardian—I can make neither head nor tail of what she is even trying to say. The headline, however, is clear enough: “There is no master plan. On the EU, David Cameron is flailing”.

To that end, Ms Williams has the situation almost completely backwards. A psychologist might suggest that she is indulging in “projection”. It is not Mr Cameron who lacks a “masterplan”, but Ms Williams who lacks the knowledge or the background—the intellectual framework—to percieve such a sophisticated “play”.

For David Cameron certainly has a plan. Mr Cameron is fitting his “renegotiation” into a pre-existing EU plan to create a “two-tier Europe” in which the eurozone countries integrate further while the “outer zone” is given an exemption from “ever closer union”. Mr Cameron intends to claim that this new “British model of membership” (Chatham House speech) was his idea all along.

This “new relationship” will not resolve any of the problems associated with supranational governance—British institutions will still be subordinate to those of the EU and Britain will continue to accept the “common position” in intergovernmental forums “above” the EU—but it may just be enough to convince the “moderate middle” that Britain’s relationship with the EU has been successfully resolved.

Delving into the text itself, there is this diamond:

Whenever chaos sprays off Whitehall like sparks from an angle-grinder, one looks for the ulterior motive. This can’t be incompetence: there must be some elaborate plan to paint Cameron as David to the EU’s Goliath, some switcheroo that the lesser mind can’t anticipate, where he loses the battle but wins the war. Is the PM really an “out” on Europe, masquerading as an “in”? Is depicting migration as an insoluble national disaster part of his master plan, a bid to look like the man who tried to save the union but was thwarted by its rigidity? It might be plausible, but for the many facets of this idea’s egregiousness.

Ms Williams is not far off when she talks about Mr Cameron casting himself as David (yes, I know) to the EU’s Goliath. Unfortunately, she only introduces the idea in order to dismiss it, to say nothing of the fact that she still seems unsure about whether David Cameron will campaign for “leave” or “remain”… o_0

The current fisticuffs over migrant benefits are not serious. This is about expectation management. In any story about Overcoming The Monster, the Hero must first lose a few Battles in order that his final Victory be that much more Triumphant. There will be a lot more Theatre before Mr Cameron unveils his shiny new “British model” just prior to the referendum in 2017.

At that time, I suspect legacy journos, such as Ms Williams, will be bowled over by the “fundamental change” that David Cameron has achieved, which will in fact be no more than the “new relationship” intended to keep Britain in a “reformed EU” that Mr Cameron has stated as his aim ever since the start of the “renegotiation”.

2 thoughts on “Unreal Reporting

  1. Blogging can be a lonely old occupation, but it has its uses.

    Apart from being cathartic, it is a good way to put in order one’s arguments; it also helps those of us, who are also interested in this area, to add to our knowledge and understanding.

    But, it’s good that you, and EU Ref, are attacking the media – we need serious debate, not soundbites and froth.

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