Enough Larping, Already

Leaving the EU is a serious business. People have legitimate concerns about economic security which the “remainers” will emphasise, to the extent that the “leavers” allow.

Remaining in the Single Market—in the short- to medium-term—nullifies every economic argument and forces anti-Brexit voices to discuss the political aspects of Britain’s EU membership.

Forcing the “remainers” to argue that the British electorate should have less say over national policy moves the debate onto territory where the “leavers” are strong and the “remainers” are weak.

That is why a serious “leave” campaign would seek to “park” the economic issue with assurances that regulatory continuity and co-operation in EU programmes would continue post-Brexit. Norway and Iceland participate in the Single Market via the EEA agreement and have independent representation in the intergovernmental forums—above the sub-regional EU—where technical regulation is agreed. Likewise, Israel participates in the research programmes that concern Scientists4EU.

The EFTA/EEA states are not obliged to adopt a “common position” at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) or on any of the other global bodies (UNECE, Codex, etc.) where nation-states, corporations and associated NGOs negotiate and agree technical standards for trade. Neither do EFTA/EEA states apply the Common External Tariff nor do they surrender the right to make trade deals with third countries to a supranational authority.

Live action role-playing or “larping” is a popular activity among fantasy enthusiasts and historical re-enactment societies, but when it comes to determining Britain’s future direction, adults need answers. The Brexit campaign should not be a generic right-wing whinge or a platform for larping about a libertarian utopia absent regulation or the payments associated with international co-operation at all levels.

Those who are only playing at leaving the EU need to stop putting road-blocks in the way of those who are intent upon making Britain’s EU exit a political reality.

A grown-up “leave” campaign should provide a secure base on which to build a positive vision for an independent Britain that embraces opportunities for greater global engagement and more democratic control.

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