The Point Of The Plan

The point of presenting referendum voters with a coherent and practicable exit plan is to avoid the kind of petty-fogging problematising and idiot scaremongering with which the Remainers will bombard people over the coming months.

Once people have credible reassurance that their jobs are safe, the referendum can be elevated (some hope, I know) to the level of competing visions: the Leavers emphasising the moral and spiritual uplift that free people derive from meaningful political representation, self-governance and full global engagement, while the Remainers either slink back into their holes or come out fighting for their “vision” of Britain as subordinate to a supranational empire that cannot meaningfully represent the views of its citizens but which can disrupt multilaterlism pursued on an intergovernmental basis at the global level, above the sub-regional EU.

The opportunity to clearly establish prior to designation that leaving is not only possible but lower risk than remaining subordinate to EU institutions and subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice has now passed. The narrative will simply have to catch up with the relative stability offered by the “leave” proposal to step out to an EFTA/EEA position—trading and co-operating with our fellow Europeans on all manner of important areas while deciding spending and policy priorities for ourselves—and the uncertain future that awaits us if we vote to remain within a political project that will continue to pursue “ever closer union”, regardless of the wishes of the British electorate and what the Prime Minister claims to have negotiated, relegating Britain to an ever more peripheral role.

The idea of “leading in Europe” without joining the euro is nearly as absurd as the idea of continental leaders paying any real attention to the British Prime Minister while the United Kingdom remains subordinate to the EU. The best way for Britain to show leadership in Europe is to leave the moribund European Union and establish a new relationship with our near neighbours founded on mutual co-operation and intergovernmental agreement.

It is only because of the mistaken belief—perpetuated by preternaturally ignorant and deceitful politicians, and the world’s laziest legacy media—that the EU is an intergovernmental forum for mutual co-operation between equals rather than a supranational entity that subordinates Member States to the will of the majority via invidious mechanisms such as Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) that this debate is even necessary.

Playing his part in The Great Deception, David Cameron has decided that sans the “fundamental, far-reaching change” that was promised in his 2013 Bloomberg Speech, let alone the “full-on treaty change” that was also mentioned, his best shot at winning is a quick and dirty fear and lies campaign.

What we on the Leave side have to work with is far from ideal—it is still not at all clear that the aim of the Vote Leave campaign is Brexit and the problems with the Grassroots Out campaign can be summed up in just two words (and one conjunction): Farage and Galloway.

However, we all have our crosses to bear and it is not as if the Remainers have a strong hand. The dead weight of several hundred pig ignorant politicians spouting an unending stream of BS, a weary and ill-looking David Cameron, who has shamed his country and humiliated himself on the international stage, and foundations of intellectual sand, almost entirely dependent upon claims that trade and international co-operation are not possible outside the EU. Practically the Remainers only weapons are fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Whereas among the Leavers—even though we do not all agree on the specifics (that is the nature of democracy)—there is universal agreement that the future that awaits an independent Britain is full of possibility, opportunity and hope. Self-governance and global engagement cannot be gainsayed. Both are worth having for their own sake, but when you factor in proposals for further democratic reform, greater trading agility and the power that derives from speaking with your own voice on the international stage, the chance to rejuvenate British politics is waiting to be grasped.

The EU referendum is an historic opportunity to correct one of the most egregious errors ever made by the British political class and, for once, it will be the British people who make the decision. Let’s vote to leave the EU.

One thought on “The Point Of The Plan

  1. Adoption of Flexcit, the only viable plan on offer would transform the debate. It would backstop the leave campaign and make it credible and safe.

    And all those millions of undecideds would finally feel happy to go to the place their heart wants to go, but their mind is unsure of.


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