Tory Lies


No British political party has any credibility when it comes to the matter of Britain’s EU referendum. The politicians have always lied, saying that Britain’s EU membership is about trade. But the fact of the matter is that the EU is a political body, always was, always will be.

Therefore, whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union is a matter of politics and, even more fundamentally, a matter of governance. The real question is: who rules?

Those who think that Britain should be an independent country are convinced that the best people to govern Britain are the British. Those who support the supranational EU see the need for institutions above the nation-state that have supremacy over national electorates.

The contest between leave and remain should be a battle of visions. What sort of a country do you want Britain to be? Confident, self-governing and democratic or frightened, subordinate and governed via a supranational treaty organisation? That is your choice.

The politicians, on the other hand, are determined to bog down debate in petty trivia. First there was the charade of the “renegotiation”, which achieved precisely nothing. Now the Remainers have affixed upon the idea that the EU would frustrate cross-border security in the event of Britain’s EU exit. Illogical and irresponsible piffle.

Chancellor, George Osborne, even has the gall to say, “this would be the very worst time for Britain to take the enormous economic gamble of leaving the European Union”. I can scarcely express my rage at this transparent attempt to portray the EU referendum as an economic question, but to engage with the “logic” of Mr Osborne’s position is enough to reduce one to fits of laughter.

If leaving the EU was as risky as now claimed, the proposition would have never been put to the British people in a referendum. Moreover, the position of Mr Osborne, Mr Cameron, and the entire Tory Party, all of two weeks ago, was that they “rule[d] nothing out”.

We are expected to believe that these men and women would have campaigned for Britain to leave the EU had they not been given a promissory note saying that the British government can ask permission from the EU institutions to make a minor administrative tweak to migrant benefits, yet now EU withdrawal would mean the end of the world. Give me a break.

The fact that a referendum has been called is an admission of failure on the part of the politicians. The lot of them really need to sod off; they absented themselves from this decision when they decided that the matter of Britain’s EU membership should be decided by the British people.

For Cameron to instruct us that the government and the civil service are not impartial actors in this is such a blatant manipulation of the referendum process that a capable press and a worthwhile opposition would be creating ructions over this.

Unfortunately, Britain has neither. Nor are we ever likely to while the preponderance of the British people are content to be lied to by politicians and patronised by a media that seeks to trivialise the real heart of the matter—who governs Britain—yet reports on Boris Johnson’s every fart and eyebrow scratch with solemn earnestness.

4 thoughts on “Tory Lies

  1. “…Even having the debate is dangerous….”


    Let’s hope the people who have to decide get clear and proper debate and the issues can be brought out into the open so an informed decision is made.


  2. It’s reasonable to say that the Referendum was never likely to result in a settled conclusion. Even had the process been flawlessly fair, whichever losing side would regard the failure as only a momentary pause in the matter.

    However, in this case, there’s no need for Leave campaigners to recognise a rigged Referendum, and I don’t believe Parliament will recognise a Leave vote with actual withdrawal anyway.

    In a few months time when the dust has settled, will be business as usual, and we’re then left with ‘…and then what….?…’… Whilst I didn’t agree with the strategy this time last year to vote for Cameron specifically to open the door to a Referendum, I understood it. I didn’t vote for the Conservatives because I was 100% confident that Cameron was a treacherous shyster who would reward that tactic by screwing anyone who went down that path. He’ll be gone at the next election, but the party which has let him conduct governance in that manner will still be in place. Or in other words, a bunch of people who actually permitted themselves to be cowed and silenced by a lying weak mediocrity will be calling for your vote. Similarly, Labour – possibly under Corbyn (although I’m not certain he’ll survive this year) will be calling for you to vote for them and of course the LibDems will be there for entertainment value as well.

    Whither 2020? Who gets the vote? At the moment, I can’t see any alternative to voting UKIP?


    • Whilst I can understand your reluctance to ‘trust’ the politicos to action a Leave vote I do believe that should Leave win there will be no ;fighting for 40 years for another Referendum to take the UK back into the EU’. As others have repeatedly pointed out if the forthcoming Referendum was to ask us to join the EU I think we all know waht the answer would be.

      On the subject of the lies politicains tell, I recently read a piece about what the late Hugh Gaitskill (then Labour Leader) warned on back in October 1962:

      The first was: ‘Of course, the Tories have been indulging in their usual double-talk. When they go to Brussels they show the greatest enthusiasm for political union.

      ‘When they speak in the House of Commons they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatever to any political union.’

      The Second was: ‘We must be clear about this: it does mean, if this is the idea, the end of Britain as an independent European state….‘It means the end of a thousand years of history.

      You may say, “Let it end” but, my goodness, it is a decision that needs a little care and thought.’.

      This deceit carries on today from the Tory mantra "In Europe but not run by Europe" to arguing the case for Remain is economic and simply ignoring the political question.

      I do know this if the Remain camp win in June the question is not going to go away!


  3. Further to that, the experience of Norway (and possibly other countries) has surely shown that even if you twice vote not to join the EU, your politicians still try to lead you in the direction of the EU and there is therefore a need for an ongoing group to maintain society’s vigilance in the matter, otherwise you will find that even though you’re not in the EU, your politicians are implementing as much as possible to ‘harmonise’ with the EU, rather than as little as possible, maximising the strengths of self-government.

    Even if the result were 99% to leave the EU and 1% to remain, so many politicians are likely to be forever inching us in the direction of the EU, whether from inside or outside. An ongoing campaign group will need to exist in order to ensure that those politicians are thwarted.

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