The Political Class Is Stronger In


The Remain campaign has nothing positive to say about the EU. It insists upon conflating Europe and the EU; and the EU and the Single Market. These are not people with whom it is possible to debate. They make it impossible to establish common ground.

You might have thought the fact that the Remain campaign is funded by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would have been a wake-up call for the “progressives” who defend and promote the supranational EU project.

Britain already has a government, we do not not need another one, especially one that exists to dissolve popular sovereignty and deny democracy to those who are most in need the safeguards that can only come from being able to say “no” to people in power.

The fact that the term “political class” is now an everyday part of the political lexicon is a very bad sign for the health of British democracy and the direction in which the country may be headed.

In a real democracy, the “political class” is anybody who involves themselves in the political process—that is everything from voting to organising to writing a blog—and the politicians are the servants of the people.

The way in which the term “political class” is used today implies a layer or tier that is self-identifying and divorced from the rest of society—and that is precisely what one observes.

Outsourcing British policy-making to the EU ensures that you, the electors, the voters, the people, have less say over how and by whom your country is governed. British politicians and their counterparts among the “political class” in other countries don’t see a problem with that.

The Remain campaign is an invitation to the British people to Remain Fearful, Remain Powerless, Remain Subordinate. The “political class” is Stronger In.

3 thoughts on “The Political Class Is Stronger In

  1. The political class may be stronger in, but the electorate are stronger out.

    Britain is not stronger in the EU, Britain is marginalised on the world stage.


  2. Sorry to do this here, Oh Lost One……. but do you have any idea why Mr Brexit does not allow comments on his blog?

    I have just read his latest cracker (and shared to facebook and twitter) but would love to comment and tell him what a corker I thought it was!


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