We The People


Do we wish to be a self-confident, self-governing, free trading nation-state which looks out to the rest of the world as Britain or do we wish to remain subordinate to a supranational EU government which passes decisions over our heads and excludes the people from the democratic process? That really would be a retreat from the world.

The EU is ultimately about one thing. Power. Who has power and in whose interests is that power exercised? The same is true of this referendum.

Will we the people return power to democratic institutions which are accountable to us and therefore capable of reform? Or will we assent to politicians who want to empower the EU to keep power away from the people?

During the course of this referendum, the Prime Minister, most of his ministers and a majority of the MPs in Parliament have set themselves up in opposition to the people. This has not been anything like a “free and fair referendum”. In order for that to have happened, the government would have needed to either fall silent or produce evidence-based reports for both of the two possible outcomes. Instead, Remain-minded politicians have used the machinery of government to produce tax-payer funded propaganda.

In spite of the stacked deck with which David Cameron and George Osborne are playing, we Leavers have more than held our own. Cameron started with a treasury report. Then he put the IMF on the table. That was followed by the OECD and The Bank of England. The President of the United States of America even waded into the debate with Cameron looking on approvingly as he threatened not to do a deal with a post-exit Britain.

How can we few, we happy few, possibly compete with that?

Well, the fact of the matter is that we have, for one main reason, which has nothing to do with the politicians or any of the nonsense we have heard from the designated campaign. Cameron is not playing games against any one of us, he is playing against all of us, and when we the British people speak the politicians will have no option but to listen.

The eyes of the world are upon us. Think about that.

The entire course of enlightened human history is at our backs. The fight for democratic and accountable government is something for which people around the world have laid down their lives. We need only put a cross on a ballot paper. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is no challenge that we the people of the United Kingdom cannot face together.

The start of a process of democratic revival and renewal begins with an assertion of sovereignty and the demand that Parliament return policy-making power to institutions which are accountable to us. If you wish to live in an independent Britain that is self-confident, self-governing, with our minds open to the world and looking forward to the adventures still to come, we must vote to leave the European Union.

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