Lost Leonardo is convinced that Britain’s future lies outside the EU. The supranational (“above the nation”) form of governance practiced by EU institutions is incompatible with the forms of national independence and intergovernmental agreement favoured by the British and all other Anglophone nation-states.

The EU referendum is not about whether we continue to trade and co-operate with our European allies and countries beyond the EU. Of course we will. The EU referendum is about whether Britain should be governed as a national democracy or subsumed into the supranational EU. Voting to leave the EU is an historic opportunity to reaffirm our committment to national independence, democratic governance and intergovernmental agreement as the legitimate form for organising our domestic politics and relations with the rest of the world.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep up the good work.I have become fascinated by the army of bloggers (mainly via the Leave Alliance) who are so ably exposing the intentions of the EU.

    May your huge efforts be rewarded on June 24th !

    Sean McCormack
    Streatham Hill


      • I’ll second what Sean said.

        Bloggers such as you, Lost Leonardo, have been worth your weight in gold in helping many of us not only make sense of this whole thing for ourselves, but to pass on information to family and friends.

        So a really massive and heartfelt thank you from me – no matter the outcome on the 23rd.


  2. Just one thought, though. Brilliant though the work of the ‘Leave Alliance’ bloggers has been, I do think some of their comments about particular people has come close to being libelous!

    I am not specifically saying it has been character assassination.

    Still think it a pity to have happened…


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